Thursday, December 8, 2016

Both of these agressive housewives are in agony, bu none will let go as 42-year old, 137 lb Sharon is caught in a tight headlock while Sharon stretches 45-year old, 131 lb Pat's neck by by putting a lot of pressure in pushing it against her leg.

Sharon is caught in a tight headlock

Pat's neck is stretched and her nose is bent as her head is pushed against Sharon's leg

28-year old, 122 lb Melanie screams in agonizing pain as 25-year old, 124 lb Julie squeeze her waist with her strong thighs while pushing Melanie's head back with her upper arm as she locks her arms together in this impressive submission.

39-year old, 118 lb Nicole is going nowhere as she suffers defeat under 22-year old, 123 lb blonde Shelly who has her nailed to the mat with this solid cross body pin.

38-year old, 128 lb mom Karen is in agony as she painfully struggles to fight off 26-year old, 122 lb Cindy who is in full control as she straddles Karen in what could end up becoming a face sit pin.

37-year old, 125 lb wife Jennie is upset as she struggles under the weight of 23-year old, 121 lb Sophia who is trying to force Jennie to feel her breast up close.

36-year old, 126 lb Lisa grimaces in pain as her neck is being squeezed by 42-year old, 124 lb blonde Joyce who looks like she's enjoying this moment of domination over her dark-haired opponent.

38-year old, 133 lb wife Peggy gets a face full of 31-year old, 126 lb Sophie's breasts as she tries to avoid being pinned and smothered by her younger opponent.

Angry and frustrated, 36-year old, 118 lb mom Teresa pulls some hair in desperation as she is caught in a tight full nelson applied by 27-year old, 116 lb Catherine who also holds Teresa in place by wrapping her legs around her opponent's waist.

Her face showing her level of strain, 30-year old, 127 lb Sarah fights hard and tries desperately to bridge, but 37-year old, 134 lb blonde Jill has her firmly pinned to the mat to secure the win.